Providing high quality repair and restoration of musical instruments for Kansas City and the surrounding world since 1988. 

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We repair all woodwind and brasswind instruments as well as guitars and other stringed instruments.  Click on our links at the top of this page for more in depth explanations of our services.



 Heritage Music Repair has you covered.  Our staff has years of experience with spray lacquering.  Attention to detail and quality are our top priorities.  Call us for  more information or to get a quote on your project. 



 Heritage Music Repair has a wide variety of refurbished used instruments.  We have student and beginning instruments as well as professional and vintage.  All of our used instruments are completely cleaned and serviced to our high standards. Also many of our entry level instruments can be purchased for less than the cost of renting. All of our used instruments come with a 90 day repair warranty.



 In an effort to provide our customers with a higher quality, better playing product, we have teamed up with Mark Farmer to bring you MOUTHPIECES OPTIMIZED.  Even new "professional" mass produced woodwind mouthpieces can be inconsistent and poorly finished.  Incorrect tip openings, facing lengths, uneven rails, and warped tables are all common defects of most major brands.  Now you can purchase a mouthpiece from Heritage Music Repair with confidence that it is level, true and optimized for peak performance.  Instead of auditioning dozens of mouthpiece in an attempt to find the "good" one, or spending a fortune on a "handmade" mouthpiece that might work, come on in and audition these mouthpieces.  



 Heritage Music works with music stores, schools and businesses, locally and across the country.  If you are a small store that does not employ a full time woodwind or brasswind technician, or if you encounter a repair that is outside of your expertise, feel free to call us.  

Our years of experience in working with instruments has led to many special projects, including unconventional modifications and industry specific orders. Please call with any inquiries about what we can do for you and your business.



 In addition to our large selection of mouthpieces, we stock all the major brands of reeds.  We feature Hetman brand synthetic lubricants.  We have cases for woodwind and brasswind instruments.  Strings and guitar accessories are also available. 

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