Balanced Action Tenor


Horn is sold: Rich Wheeler trying out our 1939 Selmer Paris Balanced Action Tenor sax. Just mechanically overhauled here at Heritage Music Repair with Music Medic Chocolate Roo pads and vintage Selmer Tone X resonators.


Gibson ES-125 with noiseless Fralin P-90

We recently came across a 1951 Gibson ES-125.  The original pickup had been replaced with a generic humbucker.  Our Tech ordered a Fralin noiseless P-90 specifically setup for the radius of the neck and the tone of a vintage jazz guitar.  We couldn't be happier with how this instrument sounds and plays.

1944 LG-2


Guitar is sold:  Recently restored this 1944 "banner model" LG-2 acoustic.  The top had cracked in multiple places and the bridge had been cut and sanded till it was unplayable.  We built a new bridge and closed the cracks, replaced the pickguard and set the instrument up.  Vintage tone for days.